3 Wedding Dress Designers We Have on Clearance Now – Check Them Out!

We LOVE the smile of a bride who has just found her very own THE ONE.

The dress that will walk her down the aisle embraced by grace and beauty.

The dress that will make her feel self-confident, bright, and unique.

The dress she will remember for the rest of her life.

We are also aware of the fact that not all brides can afford designer dresses at their full price – and this is why we always put out superb wedding gowns in our clearance section.

This time, we would like to present you with four of our most beautiful clearance wedding dresses – so read on if you want to find out more about them!

  • Allure Bridals. We currently have multiple Allure Bridals wedding gowns on clearance – and they all look absolutely amazing. If you are looking for something that will embrace your body and make you feel sexy and confident, we suggest this model or this one. If you want something a little more romantic, but definitely modern as well, this dress will definitely suit you!
  • Ashley and Justin. Traditionally romantic and extremely sweet, Ashley and Justin wedding gown designs are meant for the bride who wants her very own fairytale wedding. This nude and ivory wedding dress design and this ivory and silver one are so lovely and dream-like that you will not be able to resist them!
  • Cristiano Lucci. Looking for a wedding gown that embraces all the major trends of 2019? This Cristiano Lucci creation brings together long sleeves (which will continue to be a huge trend throughout the winter of 2019 too) and satin (another big trend for next year). It looks truly stunning, doesn’t it?

Looking for the latest and most beautiful wedding gowns? Then you should DEFINITELY not miss our Eve of Milday Trunk Show on the 4th and 5th of January! Contact Amanda-Lina’s to schedule an appointment (for the trunk show or any other date) and we guarantee you will never forget your choice, precisely because we go above and beyond to make sure brides walk out of our store happier than ever!

Eve of Milday: Opulence and Beauty in Every Wedding Dress

Here at Amanda-Lina’s, we believe a beautiful dress can completely change the way a woman feels when attending a special event – and even more so when that event is her own wedding.

We believe that we can make people happy with the designs we bring in store – and for this reason, we want every single bride who wants to buy from us to actually have a very wide range of options available. We always diversify our offer with collections that make ladies feel genuinely excited to try on dresses and search for the perfect one for their Big Day.

Eve of Milday is one of those collections – the kind that instantly make brides-to-be smile as soon as they see the dresses.


Read on to find out more!

  • Eve Muscio, the designer behind Eve of Milday, has been designing stunning wedding gowns for more than three decades now. Her attention to every detail and her unique view of luxury weddings are just two of the characteristics you will find in her dresses again and again, one collection after the other, in every single inch of dress and every single detail on her pieces.
  • Here at Amanda Lina’s, we can provide you with dresses from all the three major collections signed by Eve of Milday: Amalia, Boutique, and Couture. All of these collections feature stunning gowns – the kind that simply take one’s breath away even when they are on rack. The detail work in every single one of these dresses is astounding: it exudes luxury and beauty, elegance, timelessness, and utter uniqueness at the same time.
  • The three collections are progressively more intricate in terms of the details they feature. The gowns in the Amalia collection are beautifully embedded with beadwork and embroidery that’s wearable, yet truly opulent at the same time. The gowns in the Boutique collection feature details that are just slightly daring and off-the-beat – such as a deeper décolletage or a pair of detachable sleeves. Last, but definitely not least, the Couture gowns come with a downright fairytale-like amount of details and embroidery on them, all beautifully brought together in true craftsmanship and good taste to make brides feel 100% unique as they walk down the aisle on their Big Day.

Want to learn more about Eve of Milday and the amazing dresses signed by Eve Muscio? Contact Amanda-Lina’s, schedule an appointment, and come see these wedding gowns in Toronto! Also, don’t forget that we will be holding an Eve of Milday Trunk Show in the first weekend of January – stay tuned for more information!