Your Common Bridal Store/Shopping Questions and Answers

One thing that we want at Amanda-Lina’s is your total comfort and happiness. As a bridal store, we understand that a bride usually has questions that they want answered with regards to their wedding gown and bridal fitting. Read our answers to some of these questions and more in this post.

  • Is It Better to Walk into Your Boutique or to Book an Appointment?

As a bride, it is important to book an appointment so that we can provide you with our undivided attention. Your appointment takes place with a dedicated consultant present so you get expert opinion and are informed of all the options you have when it comes to your wedding gown and your fittings. The other members of your bridal party can come in for their wears without appointments between Mondays to Saturdays.

  • Do I Have to Bring Bridesmaids to My Fittings?

It is perfectly fine to come to your appointment by yourself. We understand that it can be a bit overwhelming for you with all eyes being on you. Our consultants are friendly and ready to help so there is no stress if you come alone. It is also okay if you want to come along with your friends. We have comfortable seating arrangements for three guests, so we advise that you try to limit the number of people you come with. Limiting the number of persons that you come with is also advisable because you do not want to have too many confusing opinions (Afterall, too many cooks spoil the broth is what they say).

  • If I’m Shopping by Myself, Do I Still Have to Book an Appointment with Your Store?

You should book an appointment so that you get the best that our one-on-one service has to offer. When shopping for your wedding gown with us you have to book an appointment. You can do this through our website by clicking “book an appointment” or you can call (905) 265-8707 and when prompted, press 2.

  • Can I Bring Photos of Gowns That I Like to My Appointment?

Yes, of course, you can and we advise that you do. With us, you get dedicated stylists who are ready to work closely with you until you find your perfect dream gown.

We hope that we’ve been able to help by answering these few questions. You will find more questions like these and their answers on our FAQ tab which you can find at the top of the page. We also have expert consultants that are more than ready to answer further questions you might have when you come in for your appointment at our store in Woodbridge, Canada.

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Bridesmaid Dresses That All Your Bridesmaids Will Love

Apart from wanting to look your very best as a bride on your wedding day, you also want your bridesmaids to look their very best too. Whether you have 2 or 10 bridesmaids, finding a dress that looks great on everyone can seem like an impossibility. We at Amanda-Lina’s understand that you want your bridesmaids to look their very best standing beside you on your special day, so we’ve put together the following tips that will help you get the best dresses for your bridesmaids quite easily from our store.

  • Colors For Everyone

When choosing your bridesmaid dresses, you should keep in mind that not every hue is flattering on everyone. Shades of pink, navy, deep red and plum are universal, but you can also choose to mix and match a color palette. Start by choosing a color family and then allow your bridesmaids to choose a shade that they feel and look their best in.

  • Styles For Everyone

If you want all your bridesmaids to wear the same dress, there are some universal styles that flatter all body types. Any dress that has an A-line or ballroom gown style is sure to fit all body types. A dress with a V-neckline should also help to elongate your bridesmaid’s necks thereby flattering everyone. You should also go for a lightweight fabric that will be comfortable. If you, however, are okay with everyone choosing the style that best suits them, then allow them to choose the silhouette, neckline or sleeve that works for them. Here, you end up changing the dress style while matching the color.

  • Choose Dress Designs Based On Your Bridesmaid’s Body Shape

Every woman is either one or a combination of these body types: Pear Shaped, Apple Shaped, Hourglass Shaped and Rectangle-shaped. Each of these body types has a gown style perfect for them. Plan a fun activity where you and your bridesmaids determine which of these body types you fall into and the gowns that best fit your body types. Armed with this information and everyone’s measurements, you can then order directly and stress-free from our online store.

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