Go for the Perfect Allure Dresses at the Allure & Allure Couture Show

Amanda-Lina’s once again is organizing a fabulous event from 13th Jan to January 23rd, 2022. Here, we’ve created the final guide to Allure wedding dresses! In this blog, you will have all your queries about Allure answered. We will discuss each collection by Allure, including price, quality, and design. So start shopping here and make your wedding a memorable experience!

 Allure Bridal began long back in the year 1998 as a small retail store and has since then grown into an award-winning bridal company! It’s known for classic, yet contemporary bridal gowns. Allure pays attention to the details of each of its dresses, from beading to lace appliques, making it unique. Allure has added a large variety of collections to fit every style, budget, and body type. We promise that you’ll be able to find a dress that fits your unique style and budget. Shop our bridal collection here.

 Our Pricing

 Each of the Allure wedding dresses ranges from $800-$4000 in price, having its style and price range to fit every budget.

 Variety at the Allure Bridal

 There are many collections under Allure such as Allure Romance, Allure Bridals, Allure Couture, Modest, and a few more to name. Each collection has its discrete style and price range, and each collection is just STUNNING. Allure Bridal is the original line that started it all! Allure bridals are perfect for the sophisticated, classic bride. Allure Bridals is the core product with the largest variety of styles, price points, and details. This wedding dress collection is known for having unique, lace detailing paired with intricate beading. With the allure collection feel confident and graceful in all these dresses made for women who show their curves. These featured gowns with dramatic silhouettes and intricate laces speak it all. These classic styles will be sure to please every bride’s style preferences!

 Various Colours

If you’re looking for a large variety of colors to choose from, Allure won’t fail. From white to almond, Allure has it all. Some of the colors Allure offers are Ivory, Nude, Almond, Antique, Silver, etc. (to be confirmed).


Are Allure wedding dresses true-to-size? Allure wedding dresses are true-to-size, but do run smaller than retail sizes.! If you’re wondering what size to order, kindly get it checked by our fashion consultants. Bridal consultants will be able to recommend the best size for you. Make sure your bridal gown is neither too small nor too big as incorrect measurements put your bridal gown at risk.

Lastly, unlike other retailers, Amanda-Lina’s carries Allure wedding dresses in multiple sizes to keep happy brides of all body types! Every collection is in-stock and inventory is continuously updated to reflect current trends. Amanda-Lina’s offers a friendly and efficient team of fashion consultants to help with all of your questions! So, book your appointment.

Choose the perfect Attire for your Wedding at the Eve of Milady Trunk Show

Amanda-Lina’s once again is organizing a fabulous event from December 27 to January 8. Here, we’ve created the final guide to present before you the Eve of Milady wedding collection! This article will help you and make it easy for you to select your dream wedding dress and look GORGEOUS on your big day. We will showcase the newest wedding dresses at the Eve of Milady event.. A bride can schedule an appointment to see and try on these wedding dresses which are not ordinarily carried. 

With so many huge collections to choose from you might wonder which one is right for you! Read further to get clarity on how to choose the perfect wedding dress. So start shopping here and make your wedding a memorable experience!

Type of Wedding

Be clear on what type of wedding you are going to have? Whether it is going to be indoor or outdoor? Whether it will be a grand affair or just a few closed ones. Having a clear answer to all these questions is certainly going to help. 

  1. Budget

Before choosing out your wedding dress, you need to set a cost in mind. You must be clear on how much you are ready to spend on your bridal dress. You would never want to fall in love with such a dress that you know you cannot finalize because of your budget. Be open with your fashion consultant and tell them to show you dresses that are within your budget

2. Body Shape

Lastly, be sure of your body shape. A fluffy and flared dress may be the perfect choice for most brides but it may not look good on your body or may not make you feel comfortable. There are no limits to what you can wear on your special day, but all you need to do is to keep a check on your body and be clear on what suits you and what not. Always be ready to accept the truth and work accordingly.

To start with your wedding collection, check out the Eve of Milady collection at Amanda-Lina’s for a variety of gorgeous wedding dresses  to make your event  mesmerizing. Eve of Milady is an award-winning international design brand that combines a superb fit with a couture finish, bringing attention to the world of designer wedding dresses. During our bridal event you can have a look at our latest collection from Eve of Milady. Whatever you ask for, we have it all. Classy yet modern, our wedding gowns are sure to make your bridal dreams come true! So, schedule your appointment today!