Essense of Australia Trunk Show at Amanda Lina’s: Splendor and Grace

Different people find happiness in different things: some find happiness in a glass of lemonade, others find happiness in the blue skies of summer, and others find happiness in an artfully crafted car.  

But nothing can ever beat the happiness we, at Amanda-Lina’s, find in a future bride’s smile when she has found the one – the dress that will not just clothe her on her Big Day, but embrace her entire being and make her feel like the Queen of the World.  

We believe in every single designer we bring in store – and Essense of Australia makes no exception whatsoever.  

For this very reason, we have put together a splendid trunk show based on their new collection – so if you are searching for the perfect wedding dress, you will definitely love this event!  

What are some of the essentials to know about Essense of Australia and the upcoming trunk show? Read on and find out more.  

  • Essense of Australia is committed to creating wedding dresses that bring together the best of all worlds: the artfulness of the European Old World and its high-end fashion combined with the versatility and femininity of the American New World, sophistication.  
  • Moreover, this brand is truly dedicated to making wedding gowns that embrace couture details, highly luxurious fabrics and attentive beading that frequently incorporates the most beautiful Swarovski crystals and exquisite designs.  
  • All in all, these dresses are perfect for the modern, romantic bride. If you are the type of bride who wants to feel truly stunning as you walk down the aisle, but also wants to wear a dress that embraces your body gracefully and comfortably, then look no further.  They specialize in creating dresses that allow you to move, breathe, and show off your style.  
  • The Essense of Australia trunk show at Amanda-Lina’s will take place from May 30th to June 2nd right in our store – so schedule an appointment for your most convenient date and come check out the new collection. You will be among the first future brides in Canada to lay eyes on these breathtaking Essense of Australia designs, so be prepared to come and make a purchase too. After the trunk show, we will be making our own selection and some of the dresses will be brought into our boutique!  

Want to learn more about Essense of Australia or any of the fabulous designers we have here at Amanda-Lina’s? Contact us today and ask us any questions you might have!   

Morilee Trunk Show at Amanda-Lina’s: Grace and Uniqueness for Every Bride

There’s nothing in the world that makes us happier than seeing brides walk into our store without a dress and walking out of it knowing that they have ordered not just a wedding gown, but a statement piece that coordinates not only with their style but with their very personality.

It is because we love this kind of happiness that we always bring in amazing collections from some of the world’s most renowned bridal designers – and this time around, we would like to introduce you to our Morilee trunk show.

What are some of the essential things to know about it?

Read on and find out more!

  • Morilee is a bridal brand that believes in the power of the moment: the moment you turn sweet 16, the moment you attend your big prom, and, ultimately, the moment you get married and step into a new life. That is precisely why they create dresses that are classic and stunning: dresses that celebrate the luxuriousness of fabrics, attentive details, and beautiful designs that make all women feel drop dead gorgeous on their special day.
  • If you are searching for dresses that are romantic and unforgettable, go with Morilee – they are one of a kind in every way, they are ultra-feminine and sweet, and they complement different body shapes with grace and originality.
  • The Morilee trunk show at Amanda-Lina’s will take place between May 23rd and May 28th, and you should come and see these beauties! If you attend the trunk show, you will be one of the first people in Canada to see the new collection and all the fabulous designs it incorporates.
  • To attend the trunk show, make an appointment for any of the days of the event and come prepared to buy a dress. Although some of these gowns will return in store at Amanda-Lina’s, we have selected just a few of them – so if you want to see them all and be able to choose from an even wider variety, this trunk will definitely make you happy.

Want to learn more about Morilee, or any of the fantastic wedding dress designers we hold in store at Amanda-Lina’s? Contact us right now and ask your questions – we will be happy to answer them!

Morilee Bridesmaids: The Dream Gowns All Bridesmaids Will Love

As the bride, you want to pamper your bridesmaids on your wedding day. These super-ladies have been by your side throughout the entire wedding planning process, and they will be by your side on the Big Day too! Therefore, they more than deserve to feel and look absolutely amazing for your wedding!  

Here at Amanda-Lina’s, we understand this very well – and this is why we always strive to bring in the best and most offering collections. Morilee Bridesmaids definitely falls in this category!  

What are the features that make this collection so special and why would you settle on Morilee dresses for your lovely bridesmaids?  

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.  

  • Undoubtedly, Morilee is one of the most preeminent names in the wedding fashion industry. Their wedding dresses are torn out of fairytales – and we can definitely say the same about their bridesmaids’ dresses! 
  • Morilee Bridesmaids dresses are created according to the same high standards of quality as all the wedding gowns associated with this brand. The fabrics are truly pampering, the colors are lively and beautiful, and the cuts are absolutely flawless! 
  • Morillee Bridesmaids dresses come in three separate lines:  Affairs, Ava Collection, and Angelina Faccenda Bridesmaids. Each of these lines is focused on a type of wedding and on a type of bridesmaid style – so you can definitely rely on the fact that you will find amazing gowns for your bridesmaids in this collection, regardless of what kind of wedding you want to have! 
  • The designs behind Morilee Bridesmaids are modern and beautiful, focusing on femininity and grace. From long flowy gowns to glamorous gowns, there is something for everyone here! Even more, the wide range of available colors and the way they can be mixed and matched make this collection a bride’s best friend when it comes to creating the perfect look for her bridesmaids. Just take a look at these stunning dresses and we guarantee you will find something truly special for each of your lovely friends!  

Want to learn more about Morilee Bridesmaids or any of the other breath-taking collections we hold in store at Amanda-Lina’s? Contact us today and pay us a visit – we are more than certain that we will help you find what you are searching for! Contact us and you will never regret it! 

Tarik Ediz: A Splendid Choice for All Special Events

Regardless of whether you are attending a prom or a cousin’s elegant wedding, you want to look at your very best on a special occasion. Here at Amanda-Lina’s, we’re all about making women feel absolutely amazing on those unforgettable moments of their lives: proms, formal events, and their weddings. 

Tarik Ediz is a brand we fell in love with as soon as we saw their collection – we are more than certain you too will love their gowns.  

What makes this collection so special and why would you check it out? Read on and find out more.  

  • Tarik Ediz has been designing evening gowns for the past 35 years, and their dresses have always been timelessly classic and romantic. This designer has managed to continuously create timeless and intricate gowns for more than 3.5 decades.  
  • The collection we have brought in store at Amanda-Lina’s celebrates the gorgeous beauty of the female form in a way that accentuates every inch and every curve. The details are extremely refined and sophisticated, and they all achieve a great purpose: that of creating the perfect balance between a princess-like femininity and modern sensibilities.  
  • The Tarik Ediz showcase at Amanda-Lina’s highlights the quality, refinement, and pure beauty of each gown in this collection. The dresses come in a generous assortment of colors meant to compliment and make all women feel radiant in their attire. The gowns have a generous range of styles as well: whether you’re interested in a fitted mermaid, detachable trains or an elegant black dress, this collection has you covered.   
  • If you are looking for a gown that will make you feel special attending a big event in your life, Tarik Ediz is an option you should definitely consider for everything they offer: gorgeous cuts, luxurious fabrics, opulent designs, all brought together in perfect harmony.  

Want to learn more about Tarik Ediz or any of the other marvelous designers we hold in store? Contact Amanda-Lina’s right now and allow us to be the ones who help you find the most special dress for the most special evening!