How to Choose a Dress for your Big Day through the Casablanca Trunk Show!

Getting married is a life-changing event that marks a wonderful phase in the life of a couple. It signifies commitment and devotion to a person with whom you would be spending your whole life. It’s important that not only will you look stunningly beautiful on your wedding day, but you are comfortable for the festivities too.

Amanda Lina’s is once again here with its fabulous event featuring the best collection by Casablanca. From 11th to 15th November 2021, featuring the best bridal collection by Casablanca. Casablanca Bridal was established in 1997 and has since then become one of the fastest-growing, well-known manufacturers of bridal gowns in the industry. We are delighted to help you find the wedding dress of your dreams and make your special day all the more unforgettable. This new collection is fabulous and has so many designs to choose from!

The event will provide an opportunity for all the brides-to-be to try on the wedding dresses before making the final purchase. After wearing a gown designed by some of the world-class designers, a bride will truly look like a supermodel. Each design available at the trunk show pays close attention to detail and quality, giving each wedding gown its exclusive look.

This article will help you choose your wedding dress.

Thorough Research

One of the primary things that are required to be done to choose the right wedding dress is to do thorough research and explore some of the greatest options. By doing this, you will be able to find out what you like. This entails the need for you to have a great idea about what your wedding theme will look like. Additionally, before your research, a good idea is to describe what kind of dress you wish to wear. If you do this, you will be able to narrow down your options. While researching, you can collect pictures from magazines or online sources. You can even seek the advice of bridal consultants. They will be able to help you figure out how to achieve the best look on the day of your wedding.

Body Shape

Another thing that you need to take note of while choosing the right wedding dress is your body shape. It can be quite easy to fall head over heels with a wedding dress that you saw online. But if the dress won’t compliment your body shape, then it may not provide you with the best look. Thus, you need to identify your body shape first to ensure that the dress you will be going for will look good on you. Make sure that when you eventually shop, you shop true to your size.

Dress Style

Apart from your body shape, you should also define your style. Nonetheless, apart from your style, you need to consider other factors too such as the theme of your wedding. Also the style of your venue, as well as how the ceremony will take place. On the other hand, a less traditional look better suits a wedding ceremony that is bound to happen on a beach location. The style of your dress should accord with all of these factors. This will ensure that everything is consistent and seamless.

Budget Constraints

Lastly, make sure that the wedding dress that you are interested in comes within your budget. You can imagine that wedding dresses can be quite expensive. But the price range is still diverse. Try on dresses that are within your budget. Aside from the cost of the gown that you need to prepare, you also need to factor in the cost of alterations as well.

Final Words

To choose the perfect wedding dress, you need to put in extra effort to research what best compliments your body type. Once this is done, you will certainly have various options to choose from. Just keep in mind to factor in your budget. All we want is that you get the perfect wedding dress that is the most suitable for you.

These trunk shows are a special occasion for everyone, and the Casablanca Trunk Show is even more exclusive and special. The Casablanca Bridal will be at Amanda-Lina’s! Appointments are available, book your slot now.

5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress at the Demetrios 2022 Trunk Show

Here’s your chance to explore some of the latest collections of gowns at our Demetrios Trunk Show! From 7th to 18th October 2021, we’ll be hosting Demetrios at our boutique, where brides can come to try on a range of gowns including ones we don’t usually carry. During the event, all the brides-to-be will have a unique opportunity to try on the wedding dresses before making a purchase. After wearing a gown designed by some of the top-class designers, a bride will truly look like a star on her big day. Every design available at the Trunk Show pays close attention to detail and quality, giving each wedding gown its unique look. For most brides, choosing a wedding dress is a lifetime affair. But before making the final pick, here are a few things you need to be clear about:

  • Find styles you like

Browse through bridal magazines and over the internet. Save, cut, and pin dresses that appeal to you.

  • Pick your Favourites

Look over the images you saved and see if you have any similar patterns and styles. Start there, narrow it down and make a list of the features that you know you would prefer.

  • Wear Proper Undergarments

Wear a nude strapless bra, etc to try on gowns. It’s tough to get a good idea of exactly how a dress looks when you have straps or seams in the way. Most of the bridal shops usually carry one dress for each style. Most of the time, a bridal consultant will help you in and out of dresses, making sure that each one is clipped in the right place. Also, you would want to wear a pair of heels that are similar to what you think you would be wearing on your wedding day.

  • Don’t forget to Purchase the Extras

The color of your dress can make a difference. At the beginning of your appointment, let your bridal consultant know what color you’re interested in. The sample dress you fall in love with might not be the color you are looking for, but you might be able to finalize it! Once you have finalized the dress, ask to try on a veil, headpiece, or jewelry. Accessories can sometimes add that extra bit of detail that might be missing. Since these shows are for a fixed time, so if time does not permit you can book a separate appointment to try on the accessories.

  • Come out of your Comfort Zone

Don’t say no to trying on new styles other than your favorites. Trust your expert during your appointment. They pick out dresses for brides daily and have a better idea of their choice. You may be surprised and pick a gown you least expected! The more you communicate with your bridal adviser, the better your experience will be. Be sure to tell them exactly what you want.

Wrapping Up

Once your dress is finalized, get confirmation about the estimated delivery date along with fitting and pick-up information. Make a list of all the items that you still require and keep everything in one place. When you bring your dress home, keep it safe from any kind of moisture and dirt.

Considering all this will give you a chance to be on the right track and grab a complete one-of-a kind gown from Demetrios Trunk shows are a special occasion for everyone involved, and the Demetrios Trunk Show is even more unique and special! So, book your appointment today.

Choosing out the Perfect Dress for your Body Type

Trends keep changing and it’s not always simple to know how to get used to it for our unique body shapes. Fashion is all about feeling great in the kind of looks that we love and feeling great in who we are. But before you can choose your perfect dress we have created this handy guide to help you learn how to dress your body shape and play up your most favorite features with styles you have in your closet. But before anything, the first thing that you need to ask yourself is do you know your body shape?

1.Pear Shape Body Type

You may be this body type if you can observe the following features

  • Your waist is wider than your bust
  • You consider yourself to have fuller hips
  • You have narrow shoulders in comparison to your hips

2. Hour Glass Shaped Body Type

You may be this body type if you can spot the following features

  • You see your body as a curve
  • You have a well-defined waist
  • Your bust and hip measurements are even
  • You may have a fuller bust, hips, and thighs
Amanda Linas

3. Apple Shaped Body Type

You may be this body type if you can spot the following features

  • In this body type, you are usually well-proportioned
  • Your shoulders are broader than your hips
  • You are not as curvy through your hips
  • You do not have a well-defined waistline

4. Athletic Shaped Body Type

You may be this body type if you can notice the following features in your body

  • You are not particularly curvy
  • Your shoulders and hip measurements are almost the same
  • Your waist isn’t very small or well-defined
  • Your weight is evenly distributed throughout your body
Amanda Linas

Everybody and everyone’s body is different. If you are not one of these body shapes. Then, there is no hassle. These dressing guidelines are best used as a starting point to understand the basics. And most of the women are a combination of all this. It’s all about mixing & matching until you find what’s best for you. From dishing on how to find the best wedding dresses and gowns, to understanding how to dress your curves, hear from all shapes & sizes in the essense of Australia Trunk event. To start with your wedding collection, check out Amanda Linas for a variety of gorgeous cocktails & wedding dresses & gowns to make your evening mesmerizing. Amanda Lina is an award-winning international design brand that combines a superb fit with a couture finish, bringing attention to the world of designer wedding dresses. During this event, you can have a look at our latest collection. Whatever you ask for, we have it all. Classy yet modern, our wedding gowns are sure to make your dreams come true!

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