Jovani – For the Modern Woman Who Wants to Shine

There’s nothing we love more than seeing happy women. Women who are confident, who are strong, who are modern, and who are determined to make themselves a work of art in every single respect.

To make sure we see as many such women as possible, we constantly bring into our store the kind of dresses that these ladies are looking for – and the Jovani Contemporary Dresses 2018 collection is most definitely among them!

What should you know about this evening dress designer and the dresses in this collection?

  • Jacob Maslavi started Jovani Fashions nearly four decades ago in 1980. Because the brand had a unique vision and because they always provided quality to customers who wanted to purchase their dresses, they soon became a household name in more than 2,000 boutiques and stores around the world. These days, the business is continued by Saul and Abraham, Jacob’s sons, but it provides the same stunning quality and uniqueness – so you are bound to love their dresses as soon as you see them.
  • The Jovani Contemporary Dresses collection is dedicated to the modern, active woman. It’s a collection that stands out through its amazing originality and beauty. It’s a contemporary collection consisted of dresses you will wear at cocktail parties when you want to make a real statement.
  • Sparkles and black are a quintessential element in this particular collection, making each dress a really elegant, glamorous, and mysterious piece at the same time. There’s something so special about these gowns that you are bound to be WOWed the first time you see them!
  • Lace, dark flower patterns, see-through fabrics, velvet – there is something here for every woman looking for a dress that will make her feel genuinely special at the next big event she’s attending. From short bandeau dresses to long romantic gowns, you are bound to find everything you need in this Jovani collection. And trust us when we say this: you are bound to love at least a few of the designs!

Want to learn more about Jovani or any of the other marvelous designers we hold in store here at Amanda-Lina’s? Come visit us today and see the splendid gowns we have in our boutique. You will definitely LOVE your experience here!  

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