4 Things to Consider when Choosing a Wedding Dress

We are excited to announce our upcoming Morilee trunk show showcasing our latest collection of bridal dresses, from 5th to 9th May 2022.

Whether you’ve been dreaming of your wedding dress since your childhood days and have the exact specifications in mind about what you would want be it from sequin or beaded laces. If you’ve still not found any gown, then we’ve got you covered on how to choose a wedding dress. 

Morilee trunk show is the ultimate personal bridal shopping experience. Our gowns have luxurious fabric exquisite beading. The wedding dress collection offers such a diverse compilation of elegantly crafted designer wedding dresses ranging from glamorous, draped Angel Satin gowns to alluring laces and Satin Chiffon. The use of authentic crystals adds the perfect touch of shimmering. With innovative couture finishing options such as a lace or zip-up back, a bride can customize their gown to reflect her unique style. 


One of the primary things that you need to do to choose the perfect wedding dress is to research and explore some options. By doing this, you will be able to find what you like. However, this requires you to have a good idea of what your wedding theme will be. While doing your research, you can flip through magazine pages or even explore online. When it comes to the latter, you may even come across the wedding dresses by Amanda-Lina’s which comes in various fabrics and styles. You can also seek the advice of bridal consultants. They will help you out to achieve the perfect look on your big day. 

Body Shape

Another thing that you need to take note of is to choose the right wedding dress according to your body shape. It can be quite easy to fall over a wedding dress that you saw. But if that dress won’t compliment your body shape, then it may not provide you the best look. Thus, you need to identify your body shape first to ensure that the dress you will be going for will look good on you. Make sure you shop true to your size.

Dress Style

Apart from your body shape, you should also define your style. Also, the style of your venue, as well as how the ceremony will take place. Also, if you are going for a church ceremony, then a revealing dress  may seem to be inappropriate. On the other hand, if you are having a beach wedding then you would go for a stylish off shoulder gown. 

Budget Considerations

Finally, make sure that the wedding dress that you are interested in fits your budget. Wedding dresses are quite expensive. But the price varies from piece to piece. Try on dresses that are within your budget range & avoid falling in love with a dress that you would not be able to afford later on. To choose the right wedding dress, you have to put in the extra effort to research what best compliments your body shape.

Wrapping Up

Wedding dress shopping is always fun, and something you’ll only do once. From knowing your body type to setting a realistic budget, simply keep the above tips in mind before you start your search. It might take a few gowns before you find “The perfect One”, but when you do, it’s an instant you’ll always remember! So schedule your appointment and explore some of the best wedding collections at the Morilee trunk show from 5th to 9th May 2022. 

In the end, once you have found your dream gown, stop shopping. Now just look forward to showing everyone on the big day.

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