Top 5 Wedding Dresses for Today’s Bride

For brides who love stylish, unique, and, extraordinary things, modern wedding dresses are the best choice. Modern weddings are flexible enough for brides to sport different types of wedding gown silhouettes, from ball gowns to fit-and-flares. It’s all about looking elegant and decent.

What Makes a Wedding Dress Elegant?

Clean lines, modern silhouettes, and chic details together give a wedding dress an elegant and sophisticated look. Making it a perfect pick for the bride to wear on her special day. If you want a modern, minimal and elegant look, you will want to look for simple fabric where the detail is focused on the cut and silhouette. Simple doesn’t always mean missing out on the details like lace, embroidery, or beads. Modern brides who want added detail in their elegant bridal dresses can find a design with a curve-hugging silhouette with pearl, lace, or beads placed evenly all around.

Here are some interesting tips to keep in mind, when picking a modern wedding dress for your big day:

To pick up the best style, do your research on what is fresh, trendy, and in the latest fashion. Let your bridal consultant know in advance what you are looking for so they can pull the right modern styles for you to try on during your appointment.

One of the key points of a modern wedding dress is the fabric and materials used to make it. Often the base of the dress is made from luxe materials like Mikado, silk satin, or crepe. Look for these fabrics to create a curve-hugging effect that will flatter you and make you look extraordinarily beautiful in all the right ways!

Since modern wedding gowns are often attractive and slightly different from traditional bridal styles, you may be doubtful if a gown in the bridal doesn’t seem like your style. While a contemporary dress can sometimes look simple on the hanger, once you put it on it can look beautiful. Keep an open mind with your consultant and choose a gown that you admire. 

Modern Wedding Dresses

Whether it’s for a glamorous event or a sophisticated wedding at a local art gallery, we’ve compiled here a variety of styles designed for the modern bride:

Simple Modern Wedding Dress

A modern fit-and-flare gown by Paloma Blanca is a dazzling yet simple style. Adorned with dainty spaghetti straps, romantic side cut-outs, and a lace-trimmed scalloped train, this contemporary wedding gown is completely worth it all. The linear beadwork and lace highlight your ultra-flattering figure to give you a more sophisticated yet alluring bridal look.

Modern Ball Gown Wedding Dress  

It’s rightly said, a ball gown wedding dress can be modern too! The dazzling ball gowns by Paloma Blanca are ideal for the bride who outlines their style as a modern goddess! This gown has a sleek, strapless silhouette with a perfect neckline. The elusive lace back and custom bow add a romantic touch to a clean, couture bridal look.

Modern Long-Sleeve Wedding Dress

Long sleeves are in demand right now, so jump on the trend with the eye-catching Paloma Blanca long-sleeved bridal gowns. Dramatic and baggy sleeves with cuff buttons add a bit of tinge to the simple sheath wedding dress. This all-in-demand gown features a subtle V-shaped back and a dainty tie-back detail.

Modern Beach Wedding Dress

This latest A-line silhouette is sure to appeal to bridal aesthetics from elegant to modern.The large-scale floral embroidered bodice will beautifully catch the light of all. With the delicate layers of sparkling tulle that flare out of the skirt, we cannot think of a more perfect gown for a modern beach wedding!

Modern Plus Size Wedding Dress

This perfect, all-modern, and dazzling gown does not need anything more to take everyone’s breath away making your big day all the more memorable. Available in plus sizes, Paloma Blanca gowns combine the likes of classic and contemporary with a royal, off-the-shoulder banded neckline that is both flattering and elegant. With soft buttons trailing down the back, this modern wedding dress would look astounding at an elegant estate wedding.

How Can I Make My Wedding Dress Look More Modern for the Ceremony?

For a simple bridal style, sleek and delicate jewelry like a simple pearl necklace or earrings add a modern touch. If you’re looking to make a dramatic statement, consider a trendy veil for a perfect bridal look. If your dress has a sexy side slit, pick up a perfect pair of heels. Along with this, you can also go for an embroidered clutch giving your whole attire a perfect look.

When it comes to modern wedding hairstyles, there are plenty of styles to wear your hair down or tie it in a bun. Sophisticated styles like high buns or a fashionable ponytail make an excellent finishing touch for a contemporary bridal look. Did one of these modern wedding dresses catch your eye? Then visit us from 18th-20th November at Amanda-Lina’s store to pick one of your favorite bridal dresses from Paloma Blanca. Schedule your Appointment now!

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