How to Store Your Wedding Dress Before the Wedding?

Have you found the perfect bridal gown? After all the time and consideration that went into selecting the perfect gown, it should be kept in perfect condition until it’s time to wear it! Here we have gathered some interesting tips on how to store and preserve your wedding dress before and after the wedding.

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Where to Store Your Wedding Dress

You’ve brought your dress home; we know it’s going to be hard to not sneak a peek of your gown every day. However, we suggest keeping it away from any kind of moisture. Try to find a cool, dry, and dark room like a closet to keep it safe. Additionally, avoid keeping it in any place where pets or kids could get their hands on it!

How to Store Your Gown?

Depending on the weight of your gown, you can either hang it up or lay it flat. You’ll want to keep in mind the length, fabric, and dress details, like beading or lace, when you decide how to store your wedding dress before the wedding.

Hang It Up

Gowns made with lightweight fabrics can be hung up easily. Use a strong hanger that can support the weight of your gown and that is free of any rough edges. The hanger should include hooks in the upper area to allow you to securely hang your garment. If you have a strapless gown, no worries about stretching out the shoulders! Simply hang securely by the loops. Many fabrics and laces are very fragile, and if hung incorrectly, may stretch over time, distorting the fit and damaging the design.

You can also place your bridal dress inside a fabric garment bag. To cover with a sheet, you’ll need to turn the sheet diagonally, folding the top corner down to form a triangle. Wrap around the top of the hanger, overlapping in the front and secure with a straight or safety pin to hold in place. Once the gown is wrapped, fold the bottom end of the sheet up and pin in place.

Dresses made from a medium to heavy fabrics, such as satin, lace, mikado, or crepe, can lay flat. The first step will be to remove from the hanger and button or zip any closures on your gown to help keep it in its original state.

After the Wedding

Just because the wedding is over, that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your bridal gown! A wedding dress is one of the most precious attire for any bride which she would like to remember and cherish forever. Storing it in the right manner will preserve it so future generations can admire it.


Whether your wedding is in a few days, weeks, or months, these tips are really going to help you store your dress in the right manner. Still, searching for the right dress? Visit Amanda-Lina’s and grab some of the best bridal gowns, at the Morilee Trunk show from 5th to 16th January 2023. Schedule your appointment now!

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