Abby Paris – A Prom Collection for Elegant Young Ladies

Oh, the excitement of prom season!

So much energy, so much hope, so much beauty!

So much sparkle in young ladies’ eyes as they start searching for the perfect dress!

Here at Amanda-Lina’s, we love making girls happy by providing them with a generous range of options to choose from when searching for the right prom dress – and this is why we always bring in new, exciting, stylish collections meant to suit every single type of prom lady out there.

Abby Paris is one of those collections – the ones that stole our hearts from the very first second we lay eyes on it. The ones that we’re more than certain that will impress future prom queens as well!

What is there to know about Abby Paris and the dresses in this collection? Read on to find out more.

  • Abby Paris is a prom collection signed by Lucci Lu, a designer that creates evening gowns for various special occasions. Every dress signed by Lucci Lu is a work of art in its own right – elegant, stylish, sophisticated, and unique. Of course, gowns in the Abby Paris collection make no exception from this rule whatsoever!
  • The dresses we have brought in from the Abby Paris collections are truly superb – just what an elegant young lady would wish for on her prom day. All of these dresses are long and they exuberate true refinement not only through the perfect lines, but also through the wide range of designs they cover for. From gowns that embrace your body in a tasteful and beautiful way to gowns with feminine off-the-shoulder neckline, there is something for every lady who wants to look dashing on her prom night.
  • Dresses in the Abby Paris collection not disappoint from the point of view of the colors they cover either. If you want to wear a stunning red, you can do so. If you want something nude and stylish, Abby Paris has something for you. If you want a classy long black dress, you will definitely love the models offered in this collection. And if you want to wear something truly daring, such as a mermaid green, sparkle-covered dress, you can definitely pick a dress from this collection too! All in all, there’s something for everyone here!

Want to learn more about Abby Paris or any of the other breathtaking prom dress collections we have brought in store at Amanda-Lina’s? Contact us, schedule an appointment, and come see them for yourselves. You will LOVE what we offer!