Angelina Faccenda Bridal – A Collection of Pure Splendor, for the Modern Romantics

There’s something magical about a bride-to-be that finds her dream wedding dress. We live for the smiles that arise in these moments and for the sparkle in a woman’s eyes when she sees herself wearing the one.

For that reason, we only bring in collections we genuinely believe in – and Angelina Faccenda is one of them. There’s pure beauty in this collection and every single inch of fabric that went into it – so much that it’s impossible not to love at least one dress.

Why is Angelina Faccenda such a splendid choice for a modern, romantic bride? We have some tips for you – keep on reading and find out more.

  • Angelina Faccenda is a collection born under the famous Mori lee designer house – a name we’re all more than familiar with, a name we all absolutely love. Created by Madeline Gardner as a couture collection, Angelina Faccenda leaves you breathless (and it has the same effect all those who will see you dressed in one of these gowns).
  • It’s really difficult not to notice the tremendous amount of detail that went into every single dress singed Angelina Faccenda. The crystal beaded bodices, the large, romantic organza tulle skirts, the seamless and feminine illusion necklines, the ultra-delicate netting, and the lavish embroidery on these gowns speak about opulence, elegance, and romantic touches. They speak about brides who know how to bring the “old” and the “new” together in the most harmonious way there is. They speak about genuine beauty – the kind that has been celebrated in poetry and music for millennia now.
  • Not only are these dresses designed to be the perfect embodiment of gorgeousness, but they are also designed to suit you. The cuts are absolutely flawless, embracing the woman’s body in a sweet, feminine, and empowering way. Plus, the entire collection features designs meant to suit all body shapes – from the sexy mermaid gowns to the royal-worthy ballgowns, every single dress in this collection celebrates the beauty of the woman’s body through an elegant, sophisticated lens.

Want to learn more about Angelina Faccenda, Mori Lee, or any of the other stunning wedding dresses we hold in store at Amanda-Lina’s? Contact us as soon as possible and make an appointment. We guarantee you will never regret coming here!