The New Eve of Milady Collection Is Here – And We Have a Trunk Show Dedicated to It!

As always, we strive to make all brides who enter our store feel genuinely happy once they find their very own the one. We want to provide brides with more than just wedding dresses – we want them to help them create unforgettable memories of elegance, beauty, and emotion at the same time.  

That is precisely why we always bring in the freshest and most beautiful wedding dress collections in Toronto, from all over the world – and Eve of Milady is one of the names we constantly pick for our store.  

Because we know Toronto brides love Eve of Milady as much as we do, we have created a very special event for all those who are interested in the new collection signed by this designer: an Eve of Milady trunk show, right here, at Amanda-Lina’s!  

What are some of the things you should know about Eve of Milady and the upcoming trunk show?  

Read on and find out more.  

  • Eve of Milady is a brand that understands very well that a wedding dress is more than just a piece of clothing: it is a memory, a symbol, and a statement all at once. In their vision (and ours too!), a wedding dress is pure magic. For this reason, their gowns are created with the highest attention to detail possible. The fabrics, the cuts, the designs, the embellishments – they all come together to celebrate romantic brides who believe in themselves and their power as women, regardless of size, shape, or the style they may choose to embrace for the Big Day.  
  • The Eve of Milady trunk show at Amanda-Lina’s will showcase the new collection for 2019 – so if you want to be in tune with the latest trends and if you want to embrace them, you should definitely come out and visit our trunk show! 
  • The event will take place from April 25th to May 4th at Amanda-Lina’s – so be sure to schedule an appointment for one of these days if you want to take a look at the freshest creations designed by Eve of Milady. Remember, these gowns will not be available in stores until fall – so seeing them now will definitely give you an advantage!  

Want to learn more about Eve of Milady, our upcoming trunk show, or any of the amazing designers we have in store at Amanda-Lina’s? Contact us today and schedule an appointment – you won’t regret it! 

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