You Will Love Our New Randy Fenoli Event at Amanda-Lina’s!

Wedding fashion is such an exciting and fascinating industry to be in – and don’t take this from people who have been selling wedding dresses for so much time now, but take it from people who witnessed the beauty of a bride who has just found her dress thousands of times before!

That specific wow moment is precisely the reason we always strive to surprise future brides with dresses and events that will make them feel absolutely stunning on their Big Day.

Are you guessing where we are going with this?

Yes, you are right – we have another upcoming event we know for sure you’ll be excited about!

More specifically, a new Randy Fenoli trunk show is in the works – and following, you will find all the details on why this trunk show is a must for Toronto brides who want to find the perfect wedding dress. Read on and find out more!

  • Randy Fenoli is, without doubt, one of the single most preeminent names in the entire bridal fashion industry. As the main source of inspiration for so many brides in the United States (and everywhere else), Randy’s story is, in itself, a majorly motivational one. Born in a family with seven children, Randy learned how to sew at the tender age of 9 – and ever since then, he has been in love with fashion (particularly bridal fashion, which he believes to be truly important in the life of a woman).
  • The Randy Fenoli trunk show at Amanda-Lina’s will take place between May 4th and May 11th, and you are invited to take a look at his new collection. As our guest, you will be among the very first future brides in Canada to see the new collection – and you can even order the dress you love too!
  • Keep in mind that the entire collection will only be available during the trunk show – after that, Amanda-Lina’s will only make a selection of the new collection gowns and bring them in store for brides who did not have a chance to attend the trunk show. So, if you want to see as many options as possible, this is your chance!

Want to schedule an appointment for the trunk show dates? Or maybe you just want to learn more about Randy Fenoli? Contact Amanda-Lina’s today and let’s talk about it!

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